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Daily Journal
Join us each day on tour for a journal entry written by one of our students.

Journal Entry 8
June 20, 2006
Frannie Speer

Hey Mom and Dad! Hello Augusta, etc! I am very thankful that I am able to write this journal after yesterday's near death drowning experience with my water bottle on the bus between the Romania/Hungary borders. Top that with a broken bus A/C and you get a day that threatened the very existance of this journal. Sad, huh?

Today began with a much better start than yesterday. All A/C worked, and I tried to avoid water bottles at all costs. Two groups headed our towards the orphanages. My group (2 bus loads) went to an orphanage here in Timisora and the other bus went to the nearby town of Lugoj.

I obviously cannot comment on the orphanages in Lugoj (being so I wasn't there), but word from my friends went that it was a great, God-filled experience

The orphanage that I went to holds kids aged 8-21. We split up into groups, and my group of about 8 LU members and Mrs. Cindy went into a small group of girls' living area. I was immediately touched by their kind spirits. Joy radiated from their young faces because the Cartoon Network was silently playing on TV and the appearance of these girls, I estimated that they were around 13 years of age. None the less, I was utterly shocked beyond words to discover that they were between the ages of 18 and 21. Later on, I made a more uplifing discovery about this orphanage. It appeared to me that the children were very loved. Their caregivers seemed like extremely kind, sweet women and men. I half-expected an "Annie" experience with neglected orphans, so I was thankful to God that I had expected wrong.

Later tonight, we sang at a Baptist church in Timisora. We sang at the weekly college and high school worship service. It was truly an amazing experience. During the service, the Romanian praise and worship band sang songs. At one point, we recognized one song to be "Awesome God". We sang along, so there, in a packed church, praises rang loudly to God in Romanian and English. Words cannot truly express how incredible and remarkable this experience was. We truly rocked the house with "one voice".

Well, this thing is getting a bit lengthy, so it's probably time to say goodnight. Tomorrow we get to sleep in until almost 11! Praise God for that! To me, choir tour has been an amazing experience. In just a couple of days, ya'll will be able to hear all the stories from your sons, daugthers, cousins, friends, and the like of the past week and a half. Exciting!

God bless!

Frannie Speer

Journal Entry 7
June 19, 2006
Jackie Cadle and Robyn Thaxton

Today was an amazing day. The day started fairly early in Budapest where we were able to see the city by bus. Then, we got to go exploring in an authentic Hungarian open market with lots of souvenir shops. Changing currency once again, we became instantly rich getting a wopping 5000 forints for only $20. After that we hopped on the buses and started towards Romania. We made a quick stop at teh on and only updisde down "W"/Golden Arches/McDonalds/heaven in Europe where we cleaned out their food supply. After a wonderul lunch we had a short ride to the border where we sat and waited for border agents to inspect our passports.


As soon as we crossed the border, our first pit stop was a "WC" (restroom) where the ladies got our first taste of Romania's fine restroom facilities with no toilet paper! Romanian roads were a challenge too. Bumpy and full of hitchhikers, we slowly made our way through a flashback to the 1800's (or Romania's countryside) to Lugoj, a very small town. Not only were we an hour and a half late, we started perfoming as soon as we walked in the building. The concert, although rushed, was amazing. God was definetely there amidst the "Amens". The church loved the gospel songs and really enjoyed our singing.

After the concert, we made our way back to Timisoara where we were rewarded with one of the best meals so far and an amazing violin player. Altogether, today flew by (even with the time change) and we really had a blast. Now we are off to sleep!

Can't wait to see ya'll Thursday!

Gute nacht-

Jackie and Robyn


Journal Entry 6
June 18, 2006
Will Evans

Happy Father's Day to all of the loving fathers who allow their kids to travel across the world! The past few days our choir has been split into different groups. We have all missed each other but it has given us the chance to reach out inn smaller groups. The three groups stayed the night seperately at different hotels and got to sleep later this morning.

Today has been a good day because we toured Vienna and all of the groups met for lunch. We ate in a restaurant on the river in Slovakia. After we ate we traveled to the church to set up for our concert. I know everyone is tired, homesick, and missing their family, but I can't imagine a better way to spend Father's day than by worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the day and by sharing about Him with the people of Slovakia during our concert tonight. During the concert we experienced some difficulties, but with Christ's love we made it through them. An American man made the comment that the church in Slovakia never showed much emotion. I have to believe differently because during and after the concert our fellow worshippers (or audience) rejoiced and felt Christ's love. During the song "Center" I caught a glimpse of a lady with a tear falling from her eye.

Even with all of the mission work we have done, after I saw the tears, the purpose and the reason for us to be here became clear. We may not be able to show everyone we meet Christ's love, but if one person is changed and seeds are planted, we are coming through with God's plan. This may be a day for us to love and remember our fathers, but hopefully it was also the day that someone felt the love of their heavenly father for the first time.



Journal Entry 5
June 17, 2006
Justin Long

Tour has been awesome so far. It meant alot actually getting to know German teens. Today we got up and left the hotel and headed towards Prague. We got there and ate "interesting food" at the castle. Then we toured the castle and we saw a cathedral. The cathedral was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It made me think about just how big God is. Then we left and started heading towards Vienna. Another one of the most amazing things happened today. We stopped at a McDonalds. I can't even tell you how good it was to have a quarter pounder with cheese and french fries. We made it to our hotel around midnight tonight. We'll be getting some rest before we tour Vienna during tomorrow afternoon and then head to Slovakia for our next concert. Please keep us in your prayers! I just can't wait to see what God is going to do with us the rest of tour!

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba....I'm loving it!

Justin Long

Journal Entry 4
June 16, 2006
Laura Wexler

Some of us didn't get much sleep last night since we are still stuck on Augusta time. I got 2 hours. Today we went back to the schools and nursing homes that we went to yesterday, only today different groups went to different places. My group went to another school in Spremburg to talk and go to classes with the students. They have such a different lifestyle than we do- and the rules at the school are very lenient. The kids have alot in common with us and were fun to talk to! They provide us lunch- noodle something again- and we actually got some ice in our drinks! After lunch we sang some "old school" songs to teh students and they really enjoyed us too! All the people that we've met so far have really been into our music and do the moves with us! It's been fun to meet new people and learn about them while we spread the gospel.

We had an outdoor concert tonight at a festival they were having to celebrate their town. A lot of our spirits were down because it was rainy and we didn't think anyone would come.., especially since we were the only ones there to watch the performance on stage before us. We only had an hour to play, including set-up, and our prayers were answered becuase we set up very quickly and had no tech difficulties. Although we were all tired and cranky, alot of people showed up- some we had met and some we hadn't- and we sang out to God. The crowd really loved us and clapped and some sang with us. Our female counselors really can dance! I think all the audience appreciated us being there and hopefully we touched some hearts. Everyone was pumped up that our first concert went that well! Danny said earlier, "sometimes when things aer rough it means that God has something great in store for us." I think tonight was one of those nights, and we all can't wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of tour. Satan better be worried.

Journal Entry 3
June 15, 2006
Robert Fealko

Editors Note: Robert's journal relfects his group's activity in Spremburg, Germany. Another group of LU'ers was ministering simultaneously in Cottsburg. Cottsburg and Spremburg activities are reflected in the pictures from today, but a Cottsburg jounal article was not attainable due to our current hotel arrangement on tour. Thanks! -Adam B.

Hello Augusta and Family!

This morning, this afternoon, and tonight was the best experience I've ever had on choir tour as far as witnessing goes. A few groups started out going to a German school in Spremburg. We were greated very graciously and enjoyed a small breakfast. One thing is for sure..., I miss American food! After breakfast, some german students showed us around the school.


Viewing the school would make every American kid to be thankful for the schools they go to. We played volleyball, basketball, and enjoyed learning some German dances. We taught them one American dance though, "The Electric Slide". We had lunch at the school and then our group went to a small church for some down time. A few hours later, we taught them the game of baseball. Later on, we went back to the church for dinner and fellowship which was followed by a mini-worship service that we put on.

Augustans, ya'll wouldn't believe how faded out "faith" is in Cottsburg and Spremburg. Just from talking with the students, I could gather that they knew nothing about Jesus. During our worship service, Remer and Adam preached wonderful testimonies and you could see the wonder in the German's eyes as if they have never heard about Jesus.

All through the day was a wonderful experience of being a witness for Christ. I'm proud of our whole group. No one complained and everyone had a great attitude. God was there for us today and we were right beside him as we ALL preached His word! This was a day I'll never forget!

Love in Christ-


Journal Entry 2
June 14, 2006
Riane Mullins and Margoire McElreath

Today's experiences were fun, surprising, tiring, and exciting! We arrived in Atlanta on to find that the computers were crashing and checking in with our luggage was becoming quite a hassle. It took about 2 hours for everyone to check in and get through security. However, we surprisingly saw Ron White, from the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" while were were checking in.

The flight went smoothly, but not everyone's sleeping did. We all had major jet-lag the next day. Although delayed, both flights to Berlin from Atlanta and Frankfurt were quick and safe.

After we all arrived in Berlin on Wednesday, we started touring the major sights of the city. Although Berlin was packed with World Cup soccer fams, we still managed to visit the Berlin Wall, Palace Charlottetinburg, the Brandenburg Gates, and many other beautiful and historical works of architecture. Tonight we head to Cottbus, Germany. We are anxiously awaiting clean beds and showers! Hopefully we can catch up on sleep and be well-rested for working in high schools tomorrow.

Overall, we can already see God's hand in our tour through safe travels, and we can't wait to see Him continue to work in us throughout the rest of tour!

Auf Wieterschen!

Rianne and Marjorie

Journal Entry 1
June 1, 2006
Adam Boatman, Youth Assistant

Thank you for joining us for another Love Unlimited Choir tour at www.lutour.org . We are excited to bring you the seventh straight year of choir tour coverage! I want to send a special thank you to David Haywood (LU class of 2000) for putting the site together for us this year. I hope you will find the site enjoyable and easy to use as you follow the choir on our journey throughout Central Europe.

As always, it is our goal with this site to keep you up-to-date with everything that goes on on LU tour. Just like past years, we plan to update the site daily with pictures and the occasional video live from the road! We hope this allows you to the opportunity to vicariously travel along with us as we sing and minister.

This year we are excited to bring you a brand new feature on www.lutour.org. Welcome to the daily journal! Each day, a different student will post a journal entry from tour to give you a special inside look at life on the road. We hope this daily journal will help you at home to feel even more connected to what's happening on tour. Please enjoy reading the journals and feel free to comment and respond on the tour message board.

As always, the tour message board is up and running. The message board is a fun way for you to interact with us by leaving us encouraging words and greetings from home. We may not always be able to respond to your messages, but know that your encouragement and interaction on this website encourage us to keep doing what we're doing.

So please join us on our trip via www.lutour.org and continue to pray for us while we are away. We are anxious to see what the Lord has in store for us in Central Europe and we can't wait to arrive back home in Augusta to share all of the amazing stories with you! Also, please mark your calendars now to join us at our homecoming concert on June 25 @ 7pm in the sanctuary of Trinity on the Hill UMC (1330 Monte Sano Ave, Augusta, GA) for a spirit-filled time of celebration and worship.

Thanks you for your continued support! Enjoy surfing the site everyday of choir tour 2006!




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