Blog 5!

by Savannah Ray

Savannah Ray
Wow, what a good day. Truly thriving. Woke up and went to a cool church/mission in east Belfast which was low key kinda sketch but we had a great time singing praises to the lord. Mckenna and Andrew B shared some incredible testimonies the led many people to tears. The people at east mission were generous and provided a delicious lunch for us. I tried chickpeas for the first time and I don’t hate them.
After lunch we rode out to the wall that marks turmoil between the Catholics and Protestants. We were walking living history. The wall was really tall and there were sharp edges. It was sad, I was a little scared, but we learned a lot. We arrived back at the mission and has some free time this afternoon so several people ventured out to get snacks and such. Meanwhile I made friendship bracelets with some girlies and we got to know one another.
Tonight we performed for a church in newtownabbey. It was a more modern church and a lot more crowded than our previous performances. It was an incredible time. I truly felt the spirit working in me and I pray that those around me did too. The sermon was beautiful and the people were so kind. They really got into our music and they all loved wills testimony. Oh yeah, will gave a testimony. They fed us a bunch of sandwiches and random things.
This week has been fun and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to know so many people who have been so nice. Thank you for reading!!!

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